zDiamonds for PV-S1600

zDiamonds (spelling like ze diamonds) is the game similar to well known Bejeweled. It can be ran on Casio PocketViewer S1600 (only).


You have to swap pieces horizontally or vertically to build sequence of three (or more) equivalent ones. In this case pieces are dropped out from board.

To swap two pieces touch first one and then tap the second. If this move has no scores then pieces are moved back. If you drop more then three or more then one row then you have extra scores.

Right side you can see the Bonus bar. It becomes longer after any your move. When it touchs the bottom of screen, game changes level up and all your moves will be scored higher. When there are no more moves available the game is over.


This software is freeware and can be used and distributed for free of charge for personal non-profit usage. If you want to use it for any commercial purposes, please contact me.

Author is not responsible for anything, use it only on your own risk. But I want to declare that I did not include in this software any special code which can demage your PV or violate your privacy.


Write your suggestions and bug reports to bz{a}var.ru, I'll try to help.